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Small Motorhome Rental from 22′

Spend your vacation with family inside a comfortable motor home rental from A&M RV Center. As one of Alaska’s most reputable motorhome rental companies, we offer our customers the freedom to see the sights and travel to the more remote areas of Alaska – all without leaving the comforts of home behind. Contact us today at (907) 279-5508 to learn more.

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Sleeps up to 4 • Kitchen area • Living area • Comfortable beds • Heating and air conditioning • Bathroom complete with a shower, toilet, and sink

The Perfect Motor Home Rentals

Each of our smaller motor home rentals comes fully equipped with a bathroom and kitchen, sleeping quarters for up to four, and amenities that include heating and air conditioning. Experience Anchorage in an RV today. Don’t wait for the elegance that is AK; don’t hide indoors from all that Alaska has to offer. Instead, call us at (907) 279-5508 for more information about any of our rental options. Bring the comforts of home with you while having the great outdoors at your doorstep.

Contact us if you require more information before booking any of our rental motorhomes. Along with our smallest models, we also have midsize motorhomes and larger RVs, and we also deal in RV sales and motorhome and RV repairs.