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About A&M RV Center

A&M RV Center is the oldest and most successful RV dealership in Alaska. We have been providing RV rentals, sales, and service and repairs at our same location in Anchorage since 1954. To learn more about how we can make your purchase or rental a hassle-free experience, call us at (907) 279-5508 today.

Want to experience the beauty of the great outdoors? Surrounded by towering mountain ranges and crystal clear water, Anchorage is the perfect starting point for a vacation. Alaska’s largest city is a close and convenient spot to encounter the unique beauty and wildlife.

A&M was also given the Best of Business Award in the Motorhome category for 2009 by the Small Business Commerce Association (SBSC).

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Whether you are buying or renting a motorhome from us, know that we have an established reputation in the industry and promise to provide you with quality service and reliability. Contact us today at (907) 279-5508, and let us get you started on your great Alaskan adventure!