Alaska is called the “Last Frontier” for good reason, and A&M RV Center helps you explore this vast, gorgeous landscape from the homelike comfort of an RV rental. Offering convenient travel options and reliable motorhomes, our RV dealership knows exactly what travelers need on their adventure. We provide RV rentals, RV sales and so much more. When you rent an RV in Alaska, you’ll get acquainted with the last frontier in an unforgettable way.

For most who aspire to RV through Alaska, it’s the of travel and exploration components that are most intriguing. Many plan their trip in great detail, while others choose to “go with the flow” and take a more spontaneous approach. Whichever suits your style, an RV rental is the best way to explore the state’s scenic wonders.

Alaska RV Rentals

As the most successful RV dealer in the region, we always keep the needs of our customers in mind. In addition to our affordable, top-of-the-line RV rentals, we also offer free airport shuttle service, roadside assistance, and excellent service that keeps customers coming back year after year. Contact us at (907) 279-5508 for more information.

RVing in Denali National Park

Over 400,000 brave travelers make their way to Denali National Park each year. Many of the visitors travel in the comfort of an RV in search of wildlife, scenery, solitude, and communion with this charming land. This picturesque six million acre park and preserve lies on the north flank of the Alaskan Range where Mt. McKinley is located, the highest mountain in North America. Once inside the park, spend your day walking, mountain biking, panning for gold, or simply relaxing and taking in the charming scenery around you. A trip to Denali National Park is a must when traveling by RV.

Child’s Glacier

While exploring the snowy banks, take in the breath-taking landscapes as you travel to Child’s Glacier. Located about 50 miles from the town of Cordova, Child’s Glacier is Alaska’s most spectacular roadside glacier and the only glacier where you can actively observe calving. Calving is when large chunks of a glacier fall into the water below and become icebergs as the glacier slowly moves through the water. You can see calving activity as frequently as every 15 minutes!

These falling icebergs sometimes cause a large wave that travels across the river and crashes into the neighboring shore. While this is an amazing site to see, it can be hazardous to those standing too close to the bank. Due to this risk, a platform has been built for the safe viewing of these spectacular ice calving events. Most visitors in search of glaciers will rent an RV between May and September when Child’s Glacier is most active.

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