Escaping the city for a road trip in an RV allows for spontaneity and adventure. Still, you must plan before you leap. Operating an RV comes with great responsibility to ensure a fun-filled road trip. With the proper planning and insight to safe RV travels, your next adventure will be the trip of a lifetime. As the oldest and most successful RV dealership in Alaska, A&M RV Center is proud to equip Alaskan residents and visitors with an RV to begin their travels. Before you head out on your next RV trip, we have a few reminders to prevent unnecessary road blocks. Be road ready with these 3 basic tips from (2017).
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Create a plan

  • Use checklists to make sure each area of the RV is secure before each RV relocation.
  • Bring roadmaps and RV camping maps.
  • Create a communication strategy between the driver and passengers. Portable 2-way radios and hand signals can assist with parking.
  • Carry extra fuses for electrical malfunctions.
  • Bring a step ladder that can reach windows for cleaning.

Be aware of your RV

  • Check tire pressure before every trip.
  • Weigh each corner of the rig separately, and abide by hitch weight ratios on trailers.
  • Measure the height of the RV to understand clearance limitations.
  • Consider purchasing roadside assistance.

Conserve your resources

  • Save propane by not running the hot water heater constantly.
  • Conserve battery power by decreasing the heat at night and layering with blankets.
  • Utilize “military shower” methods by turning off shower water while you lather. Experiment with products to find a soap that rinses easily.
No matter how experienced you are with RV traveling, the unexpected can always happen. By creating a plan, knowing the circumference of your RV, and conserving resources, you’ll be one step ahead! To begin your RV traveling in Alaska, visit us at A&M RV Center. We are a one-stop-shop for RV rentals, sales, and service and repairs. To begin your adventure, contact us today at (907) 279-5508. (2017). Recreational vehicle camping tips and ideas. RV Camping Tips. Retrieved from: