Exploring the vast wilderness of Alaska in your RV rental from A&M RV Center is just one way to travel around the state. For some, another way to see the Alaskan landscape is from the water. With more than three million lakes and streams, the adventure possibilities are endless. We often get questions from locals and tourists alike, about where the best spots are for kayaking. While there are too many to count, here are three unique places to launch your watercraft for the day. 3 Unique Kayaking Destinations in Alaska

1. Aialik Bay

Located in Kenai Fjords National Park, Aialik Glacier is a kayaker’s dream and a photographer’s heaven. If you’re looking for a pristine backdrop for some stunning photos, crystal clear waters, and hours of entertainment, then this is the spot for you. In the summer, the glacier retreats just enough, leaving behind miniature waterfalls that dot the mountainsides. This bay is a popular destination, no matter the time of year. 

2. Eklutna Lake

Just a stone’s throw away from Anchorage, AK, Eklutna Lake lies at the heart of Chugach State Park. Quiet and remote, this lake is perfect for kayakers of any age. With more than seven miles of lake access, you’ll enjoy spotting some of Alaska’s wildlife as they venture to the lake’s edge for a refreshment. The lake is easy to get to, and has plenty of coastline for you to enjoy a picnic with the family.

3. Shoup Glacier

Located in the southeastern part of the state, Shoup Glacier is a stunning sight to behold. If you’re looking for a full day’s excursion, you can easily expect to spend eight to 10 hours paddling around this incredible ice formation. When you get tired, find a beautiful sandy beach to rest and enjoy a secluded picnic overlooking Alaska’s wilderness. Locals even offer guided tours, if you’d rather not go it alone. 

Find Your Next Adventure in Alaska

Exploring all of your kayaking options in Alaska can be a lot of fun with the right wheels to get you there. With a reliable RV rental from A&M RV Center, your Alaskan adventure will be comfortable and relaxing. Looking for a pop-up camper, UTV, or ATV? If you’re looking to add one of these to your arsenal of camping gear, we also sell them. To reserve your rental or find a recreational vehicle that’s right for you, contact us at (907) 279-5508.