Attractions Anchorage AKWhile December may not be the ideal time for camping in an RV rental in Alaska, there is certainly no shortage of festive activities in which you can take part at this time of year. However you spend the holiday season, you’re sure to find adventure and sparkle to light even the darkest nights in Anchorage.

Winter Adventures In & Around Anchorage

  1. Skiing and snowboarding – Within 45 minutes of downtown Anchorage, you’ll find three great options for a day on the slopes: Hilltop Ski Area, Alyeska Resort, and Arctic Valley Ski Area. Fantastic snow conditions and incredible views will take your breath away!
  2. Snowmobile tours – For those who love their snow served up with an extra rush of adrenaline, just head out for a couple of hours or a full day of snowmobiling on the countless trails that surround Anchorage. A guided tour is a great idea if you don’t know the area or are a novice snowmobiler.
  3. Dog sledding – Head out on the quintessential Alaskan adventure that will please the whole family. Dog sledding tours and rides are extremely popular in the area, and you might even meet an Iditarod star.
  4. After dark – With daylight hours being short – averaging five and a half to six hours daily in December – you’ll want to make the most of the twilight hours. One of the highlights of winter in the North is viewing the northern lights. Head out of town and away from the city lights on nights when they make an appearance for a light show you’ll never forget.
We at A&M RV Center enjoy winter, but we love summer even more. Whether you’re an Alaskan resident or a visitor to our great state, it would be our pleasure to help you plan your summer vacation by arranging a motorhome rental and helping you find the perfect RV for sale. Contact us at (907) 279-5508 to learn more about us, or plan ahead, and request a reservation for next year.