The pop up camper may be a less well-known member of the RV family, but it offers some great features that make it a big contender as a camping option. It’s a definite step up from tent camping, offering greater structure and support as a shelter. And, at A&M RV Center, count on excellent customer service that will help you find the right pop up camper for your needs. Then you’ll be all set for your Alaska adventure this summer. 

 Visit Delani National Park with a Pop Up Camper

1. Easy to Tow

Pop up campers can be towed by any vehicle with a hitch, from small cars to trucks. Lightweight and compact, they don’t impact the driving experience as would towing a full-size RV. For long trips where multiple drivers will be sharing the wheel, some may not be up for driving a larger RV. A pop up camper is a less intimidating option. 

2. Saves Money

Because they’re easier to haul around, you’ll save money on gas. They’re also significantly cheaper to buy or rent than a full-size RV. 

3. Easy to Set Up

Most pop up campers can be completely set up or torn down in well under an hour, including making or packing up beds. 

4. Plenty of Options Available

At A&M RV Center, we offer pop up campers that sleep from 2-10 persons, with options to sleep above or on the ground – plus more features you’ll love. Whether you want to take your pop up camper on an adventure to Mount McKinley and Denali, or you’re planning a fishing trip at Kenai or the Homer Spit, the travel experts at A&M RV Center will provide you with the ideal rental for your great Alaskan adventure. Our employees have owned and operated the company since 2007, so you’ll experience a passion for traveling and camping throughout Alaska. Contact us today at (907) 279-5508 to get your adventure started.