Alaska is well-known for its sweeping views, majestic glaciers, and abundant wildlife, but art and culture buffs know there is much more to it. From a variety of shops and galleries selling local, indigenous artwork to world-class museums, Alaska speaks to art lovers like no other place in the world.

Culture and Heritage

To better understand and learn about the culture and history of the indigenous people of Alaska, the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage is the best place to start. Experience history through storytelling, demonstrations, song and dance, games, theater, as well as exhibits and artifacts. The Anchorage Museum, located in downtown Anchorage, houses the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center, Alaska History Gallery, Imaginarium Discovery Center for children, science exhibits, and much more. Note: if you’re planning on taking in both of these attractions, consider buying the Alaska Culture Pass, which gives you a 30 percent discount on admission fees and includes a free shuttle between the two museums.

Alaskan Arts and Crafts

Alaskan artIn Alaska, many artisans and communities depend on traditional hunting and fishing, and they supplement their income by creating and selling their arts and crafts. Bone and ivory carvings, jewelry, and paintings are just some of the types of artwork being produced by local artists, and they are available to remember your trip to Alaska. Please be aware that in some shops, what you think might be native Alaskan art is actually an imported reproduction. It is always a good idea to speak to shop owners to ensure that the pieces you are buying are authentic. Before you leave Anchorage, AK, with your RV rental from A&M RV Center, we encourage you to take the time to explore the city’s art galleries and museums and learn more about the rich cultural heritage of the area. To make a reservation for a quality motorhome rental, contact A&M today at (907) 279-5508, and we’ll get you mobile for your adventures in Alaska.