Sure, the main tourist season doesn’t kick in until May, but Alaska still has plenty to offer earlier in the springtime. Especially if you’re on the independent or adventurous side, you’ll find uncrowded treasures galore! Read on to find out what you’ll find in the Anchorage area in April.

Explore Alaska in the Spring in an RV 

Nature Is Waking Up

With the green of spring right around the corner, animals, birds, and marine life are beginning to emerge. Migratory birds are finding their way north, and the annual gray whale migration is beginning in the Gulf of Alaska. Ravens, bald eagles, and other birds will be active. 

Plan for Weather Changes

During April, the amount of daylight increases by 6 minutes every day. Daytime temperatures are usually in the 40s, but can dip into the teens at nights. With the snow breakup underway, good shin-high boots are a must for navigating muddy paths while hiking. For clothing, think layers, with a warm coat at hand for those chilly nights. Because of the increased sunlight with the still-plentiful snow in places, you’ll want to bring sunblock and sunglasses. 

Enjoy the Outdoors – and Indoors Too

Low-lying trails are likely to be clear of snow, and they will probably only be used by locals at this time. For fat-time snow biking and skiing, you’ll just need to go a little farther out. For in-town fun, visit Anchorage’s Alaska Zoo, museums, theaters, and more. 

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