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Every eager traveler is looking to explore new sights. Between airfare, housing, and rental cars, travel expenses can be limiting. What if you could combine housing and transportation into one package with an RV? Traveling on your Alaskan dream vacation is made easy by renting an RV from A&M RV Center in Anchorage, Alaska. New to RV traveling? Look no further for the basics on navigating your first RV rental. RV Stands for…recreational vehicle. RV is a term used to describe motorhomes and travel trailers. A&M RV Center offers small, midsize, and large motorhomes for a variety of road trips and excursions. Before renting or purchasing your RV, Learn to RV stresses the need to know your basic operating systems: electric, water, waste, and HVAC (2016).


A motorhome is literally your home on wheels. You’ll need power to run the basic necessities like the water pump, water heater, and furnace. The two types of power in an RV are from 120v shore power and a 12v battery system. Shore power is available at campgrounds and RV parks by plugging into their electrical supply. The 12v system is battery powered.


Water is accessible by connecting to city water or filling your onboard freshwater tank. Connect to city water by hose to a drinking water source for an unlimited supply of fresh water. The onboard freshwater tank is manually filled by the operator and has a fixed supply.


All waste from the shower, sink, and toilet must be disposed of safely. The RV has tanks storing waste separately. RV parks have sewer connections for waste removal. With the right hose equipment and water flushing, your waste can be easily and properly discarded. For campsites without a sewer system, look for dump stations for manual disposal.


Heating and cooling systems in RVs are powered by propane furnaces utilizing the 120v shore power and 12v battery power. With the basic knowledge of functionality, the RV is your new home on the road.  Love the convenience and flexibility of RV traveling? A&M RV Center has a fleet of RVs ready for purchase with the equipment and accessories to make it your own. The service doesn’t stop there, as our dedicated staff is here for RV service and repairs, keeping you on the road. Contact us to rent or purchase your RV at (907) 279-5508 or toll-free at (800) 478-4678. Reserve your RV online today!
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photo credit: public domain via www.wikimedia.org
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