If this is the first time you’ve looked into becoming an RV owner, making the decision between buying new vs. buying used can be especially intimidating. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s hard to know which is the right choice for you. At A&M RV Center, we can help make the process a little easier. As the oldest RV dealership and rental company in Alaska, our experienced team is here to answer all of your questions. Give us a call today at (907) 279-5508 or contact us online

RV Sales in Alaska 

Buying New

There’s nothing like that “new RV smell,” just like when you purchase a new car. With buying new, you literally get a fresh start. You aren’t dealing with anyone else’s mistakes or poor maintenance. Low-to-zero mileage is a bonus, too. An extended warranty is also a great perk to buying new. 

Buying Used

A broken-in RV that has been inspected and serviced properly can be a great choice. When buying a pre-owned RV, it often can be a better financial choice, considering depreciation of new models. But get an idea of any extras or upgrades you want, as buying a new unit with these features may end up being a better price. However, you may get the benefits of upgrades that a prior owner has already made, like installed new technology, solar, or a satellite. Finally, all pre-owned RVs will come with mileage on them. 

Buy from A&M RV Center

Whatever your choice, it’s crucial to purchase from a reputable dealership. We will work with you, answer questions, provide information, and give you the time to make a well-informed buying decision. At A&M RV Center, you can expect helpful sales consultants, a pressure-free environment, and competitive pricing. You’ll get to browse our selection of new and used RVs in our indoor showroom, an absolute must in Anchorage, Alaska! Want to start the purchasing process? Give us a call today at (907) 279-5508 or send us a message

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