Have you ever daydreamed of all the great places you’d love to visit while traveling in a motorhome? For some people, it’s a coast to coast trip. For others, it’s a return to their native town to visit family and old friends. And for others still, it’s a long-distance trek into foreign countries.

The Pan-American Highway – The Ultimate Road Trip

At A&M RV Center in Anchorage, Alaska, we get to meet all types of travelers and hear a multitude of stories and trip planning. One of our favorites is talking to folks who are traveling the Pan-American Highway from Alaska all the way to the tip of Argentina in South America. At 19, 000 miles in length, the Guinness Book of Records calls the Pan-American Highway “the world’s longest motorable road.” sign that says bienvenidos The Pan-American Highway is actually an interconnected highway system that officially passes through 17 countries in North, Central, and South America, with branches into another four countries along the way. The only interruption in the route is the Darien Gap between Panama and Columbia.

Road Trip Tips

A few points to consider before you hit the road on this epic adventure:
  • Make sure your vehicle is in top working order and that you know your way around under the hood for quick maintenance.
  • Get your hands on a Spanish version of the owner’s manual for your RV or camper van; this may be helpful if you need to hire a mechanic along the way. The roads along the way are not all in great condition and can add quite a bit of wear and tear to any vehicle.
  • Carry a full-sized spare tire, oil, air filter, extra fluids, and a jerry can of gas.
  • Talk to your insurance company before heading out, and make arrangements for coverage ahead of time. Vehicle Insurance from the U.S. and Canada may not offer coverage outside of those two countries.
  • Be prepared for amazing adventures and a few challenges along the way.
Whether you are looking for a motorhome rental to tour around Alaska, want to purchase a new or used RV for the road trip of a lifetime, or are looking for professional service, repairs, and maintenance, A&M RV Center has everything you need in one convenient location. Contact us today at (800) 478-4678 to learn more.