RVAs the automotive industry moves towards energy efficiency, RV enthusiasts are taking notice. As any road RV owner knows, energy conservation is key to reserve power and control costs. Wouldn’t it be nice to supplement your fuel source with solar power? If you’re serious about taking your RV travel experience to the next level, equip your RV with solar panels. The service and repair experts at A&M RV Center are here to provide professional support and installation. Let us get you out on the road with new accessory installations. It’s important to think about your RV traveling needs to determine the best accessories for your RV. Let’s Go Solar has done the number crunching to ensure your solar panel investment pays off.

Efficiency on the Road with Solar Panels

Solar PanelGo Green

Most RV travelers love the great outdoors and enjoy environmentally friendly efforts. Solar panels are the best of both worlds by showing mother nature you care and by naturally supplementing your energy source.


It’s important to know that solar panels are an investment. It’s only financially advantageous if you’re going to utilize your RV routinely and position yourself to capture sunlight. Solar energy is a great option to supplement your existing power sources.


An 800-watt solar panel system soaking up 5 hours of sun can generate up to 4,000 watts of energy.  This amount of energy is enough to run major appliances. Costs for this setup ranges between $800 to $1200. Let’s Go Solar estimates this system pays for itself within 2-4 years. If you’re serious about spending more time traveling our beautiful country, it’s time to get the right equipment. An RV with solar panels is an investment that can pay for itself over time. Our service experts are here to equip you with repairs, maintenance, and accessory installation. Request RV Service with A&M by scheduling an appointment online or calling (907) 279-5508. http://www.letsgosolar.com/solar-panels/solar-panels-for-rv/ Photo credit: public domain via www.flickr.com