Gold has been one of the most sought-after minerals since the beginning of recorded history. It has led to the rise and demise of civilizations throughout time and maintains its position as one of the planet’s most valuable and precious metals to this day. Why are we bringing up gold? Because here in Alaska, you can indulge your gold tooth and visit the Last Frontier’s most popular gold mine, Crow Creek Mine.

Crow Creek Mine, which has been a popular destination for gold seekers since the late 1800s, is a great place to visit when you are traveling with a motorhome rental from A&M RV Center. With just a short drive down the Seward Highway, you’ll find yourself amidst a gold miner’s paradise.

For centuries, adventurers have made the arduous trip to the American Northwest in search of gold. The fascination with American gold turned into an all-out wildfire during the great gold rush of the mid to late-1800s. Travelers from all over the world set out to find their fortune in places like California and Alaska. The Klondike Gold Rush was one of the biggest events of its kind to date and an estimated 100,000 prospectors set out to the Klondike region for a chance to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet Alaskan gold.

Crow Creek Mine was one of Alaska’s top gold producers in 1896, with an estimated 700 ounces of the precious metal being discovered each month. The family-owned mine strives to maintain the cultural and historical significance of Crow Creek Mine’s legacy so that future generations will have a chance to experience and learn more about this important period of American history.

Nestled snugly in the Chugach Mountains, the mine is in close proximity to lovely gardens, historic buildings, and great hiking trails, including the famed Iditarod Trail. Take your RV rental to Crow Creek Mine and start panning for gold! Experienced prospectors can bring their own equipment and greenhorns can get sage advice and quality panning gear from the experts at the mine.

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