Alaska RV RentalYou’re ready to go on your Alaskan adventure, to spend time in Anchorage or Denali National Park. For years, you’ve been dreaming about this trip, and you have one last detail to plan: the RV rental. You’ve been checking out our website, but you can’t decide which RV rental is right for you. Well, don’t stress. Our staff at A&M RV Center have pulled together this list of tips to help you narrow down your options.

1. Count your crew.

Are you traveling alone, with a friend, or your entire family in tow? It’s important to choose an RV that’s large enough to accommodate your group. Consider sleeping arrangements and how many beds you’ll need for everyone to sleep comfortably.

2. Know your budget.

Just how much RV can you afford? Some models definitely cost more than others, due to their size and amenities. Before you make a reservation, be sure you know the rate and that it fits into your vacation budget.

3. Consider your personal space.

An RV may fit up to four people, but if you’re nervous about everyone having some personal space, you may want to upgrade to a larger model. Your best bet is to look at each floor plan and decide what’s most conducive to your group’s needs.

4. Check the specs.

On our website, we list the specifications for each of our motorhome rentals. Many people find this information helpful in deciding which RV to rent. You may have reserved a campsite that fits only a small motorhome, or you may be traveling for quite a while and want to make sure the water tank will be sufficient. Whatever details you’re interested in, read through them and make sure it works for you. Still have questions? Don’t worry about it. Contact our staff at (907) 279-5508, and we can walk you through your options and help you find the right RV. You can also call us to make a reservation or book online now.