Whether you’re traveling the world or extending your vacation, the look of your RV or motorhome can significantly improve your comfort. Psychology has proven that certain colors, styles, and smells can affect your emotions. Many Alaska residents come to A&M RV Center because we understand how the style of your RV can control the overall mood of your rental. For Alaska’s best RV rentals and service, call (907) 279-5508, or contact us online

There are many financial and geographic freedoms to renting a motorhome or RV for long periods. For your comfort, we suggest taking advantage of every inch of your vehicle. Interior designers have used color and illusion to beautify smaller spaces. Traditional Chinese pseudosciences such as Feng Shui have aided in harmonizing the energy in your temporary home. Though style is unique to every individual, here are a few suggestions on how to create the most comfortable space in your RV.

Comfortable RV Setting

Color Theme 

When getting supplies or decorating your motorhome, it is easy to forget the importance of a healthy color scheme. The correct blend of colors and light can give the illusion of a wide open space in smaller rooms. According to the book Theory of Colours, particular hues have the ability to influence certain sentiments. We suggest using lighter colors to inspire openness and possibility. 

Interior Color Guide Infographic

A Big Rug

In contrast to most furniture you place in your motorhome, your rug needs to be big. A large pattern or detail to the ground will give the semblance of a larger floor. Smaller items on the floor, however, tend to draw attention to special limitations.

A Simple Scale 

You may think that bigger items make the room feel crowded, but Feng Shui suggests that several pieces of furniture and small items may make the room feel more cluttered than it is. Fewer, bigger pieces of furniture make the room feel safer and therefore cozier. 

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