You’ve had great experiences renting, and you’re ready to buy your own RV. Where do you start? Is it better to buy used or new? Just like buying a personal vehicle, it’s important to do your research when buying an RV. At A&M RV Center, we’re your one-stop shop for RV shopping, renting, and repairs. With new and used options, let us get you on the road with your new purchase! There is a motorhome built for every type of family and recreation. Determining your road trip goals will help in the decision-making process.Purchasing a New RV

Buying New vs. Used

Buying New

  • Most Expensive:

New motorhomes are the most expensive option. The purchase price and the insurance are more expensive as compared to used, but repairs and breakdowns are negligible.

  • Manufacturer Warranty:

The manufacturer’s warranty takes effect immediately. Should there be a service or repair needed, it will be covered for the duration of the warranty.

  • Latest Features:

The biggest perk of buying new is that you are getting the latest and greatest technology the industry offers. You’ll get exactly what you want with no compromises.

Buying Used

  • Better Prices:

If you’re looking for the most economical RV, buy used. The overall price of the motorhome is cheaper, along with the insurance for the vehicle.

  • Buyer Beware:

It’s likely that the manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed, so you take the risk of immediate repairs. Purchasing from a reputable dealer is the safest bet when buying used. With our expert team, complete with service and repair shop, we’ll sell you a motorhome in good working condition that is road-ready.

  • Room for Renovation:

Depending on your budget, purchasing a used RV may leave room for renovations and upgrades. Customizing a used RV to your exact taste can still be cheaper than buying a brand-new motorhome.

If you’re regularly renting RVs for vacations and personal use, it’s time to make the investment and purchase your own motorhome. Offering new and used RVs, A&M RV Center in Anchorage, Alaska has your new home-on-wheels ready for Alaskan exploration. Contact us to begin your next road trip by calling (907) 279-5508.