For a lot of people, glacier landscapes have an otherworldly aesthetic, an almost alien beauty. These mysterious and mesmerizing formations are often difficult or dangerous to get to as well, making it hard for visitors to witness their majesty firsthand. Today we’ll talk about how visitors to Alaska can get their chance to see a glacier landscape up close: a tour NOVA Glacier Guides.

Tour a Glacier

Anchorage based NOVA Glacier Guides has been taking visitors and residents on tours to see Matanuska Glacier since 1975. Matanuska Glacier has been in its current resting place for the 10,000 years and doesn’t show signs of leaving any time soon. As the largest glacier that can be accessed by the road, Matanuska Glacier is ideal to visit with your motorhome rental from A&M RV Center.

Operating Season

Summertime brings a wealth of adventure to Matanuska Glacier. During this time, visitors have the opportunity to explore the surface of the glacier through different glacier treks. Three and five-hour tours are available May 15 to September 2 from NOVA Glacier Guides. NOVA also provides day trips that feature hiking and white water rafting. Visitors even have the option to spend an unforgettable night on the enormous glacier.

Touring Costs

NOVA Glacier Guides also offers trips centered on ice climbing for any aspiring mountaineers that may visit. Views that are normally unseen by tourists become available to those who take part in an ice climbing trip. These trips allow visitors to explore remote areas and experience the exhilaration of vertical ice climbing, while also welcoming novice climbers to learn proper ice climbing technique. Ice climbing tours cost $145 per person. Seminars are also available for visitors who want to delve deeper into the art of ice climbing – seminars cost $280 per person.

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