Alaska is known the world over for its rugged scenery and its wide variety of wildlife. While observing animals in their natural habitat is thrilling and awe-inspiring, it is important to remember to be safe around them – for your sake and for theirs. Please consider these safety tips from A&M RV Center when you are out RV camping or sightseeing. bear safety in Alaska

Top Five Wildlife Viewing Safety Tips

  1. Never feed wild animals. Not only can they become aggressive, but they may also become habituated and approach humans, putting both people and animals at risk.
  2. Never leave food or cooking appliances around your campsite. Make sure they are safely stowed and that you safely dispose of garbage.
  3. Never approach wildlife. Observe animals from a distance, use binoculars if you wish, or use a high-powered zoom lens on your camera to capture the experience. You are in their territory; remember to respect their space.
  4. Never sneak up on an animal. Being quiet might get you closer, but this may be interpreted as predatory behavior and cause an animal to attack. When out hiking on the trails, wear bear bells, talk, or sing to alert animals of your presence.
  5. Never approach a young animal or get between it and its parent. This applies to all animals, from bears and moose to muskrat and beavers. Even the smallest critter can become fierce or dangerous when it feels a threat toward its young.
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