Minimalism is a term defining a movement to decrease the number of material possessions for the freedom of simplistic living. Whether this means living in a tiny house or just decreasing clutter, the idea is to free up time, energy, and finances to pursue your desires. At A&M RV Center, we specialize in the original tiny house in the form of RVs. Ditch the car and the house for a minimalist lifestyle in an RV!

Feel the Freedom of a Simplified Lifestyle by Renting or Owning an RVLess Stuff for More Freedom

Less Expense for More Adventure

Homeownership comes with routine bills including property insurance, taxes, utility bills, mortgage payments, and much more. The cost of renting or buying an RV is a fraction of the cost and upkeep of a home. Modifying your budget for RV living will afford more money for experiencing life and enjoying hobbies. It’s time to reprioritize by putting your money towards experiences rather than obligation. Offering new and used RVs for sale, you’ll find the perfect RV in our inventory.

Less Cleaning for More Time

Do you find yourself exhausted by cleaning multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces? Hiring a cleaning agency to do the job is expensive. The alternative is sacrificing the time to do it yourself. Downsizing is an opportunity to spend less time doing household chores and more time on the activities bringing you happiness. Think of the time you spend indoors, and imagine them enjoying nature in all of its glory with RV living. With a variety of options from small, midsize, and large motorhome rentals, we have the perfect size for your new home.

Less Responsibility for More Life

Many of us are bogged down by the chronic responsibility of home ownership. Maintaining a home is physically and financially taxing. Ditch hours of yard work, snow removal, painting, and repairing by trading them for a simplified lifestyle. Regardless of your hobbies or interests, the point is that you’ll have more time to do them. Leave the home maintenance to the pros, and let us service your RV.

Seeking the minimalist lifestyle just got easier with the preferred RV dealer in Anchorage, Alaska. Contact A&M RV Center at (907) 279-5508 to make your RV reservation today!