One drive through Alaska isn’t nearly enough to take in all of the Final Frontier’s natural beauty. If a unique view of the rugged and breathtaking scenery that has made Alaska such a coveted destination is what you crave, we recommend visiting Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures. Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures gives visitors the chance to venture off the beaten path while in the care of a licensed wilderness guide. Owner and guide, Alex Kime, has been leading horseback riding tours through the Kenai Peninsula since 1997, riding horses for over 30 years, and is quite knowledgeable of the area. Location You can find Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures at 35090 Quartz Creek Road in Cooper Landing, Alaska 99572. On your way there you’ll be able to enjoy a scenic 2-hour drive south of Anchorage in your motorhome rental from A&M RV Center while building anticipation for what will most definitely be a big highlight of your vacation. Activities
  • Day Trips: For beginning horseback riders or groups that aren’t up for spending days in the wilderness, day trips are the perfect option. The excursion lasts five hours and includes lunch and plenty of stops for rest.

  • Wilderness Pack Trips: When you take your RV rental to Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures, you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with the great Alaskan outdoors. This all-inclusive, three-day trek comes with camping gear and food already supplied by Alaska Horsemen. You can choose to take your trip into Kenai National Wildlife Refuge or Chugach National Forest.
Get the most out of your trip to Alaska and see nature like you’ve never imagined with Alaska Horseman Trail Adventures and a motorhome rental. Contact A&M RV Center today at (800) 478-4678 and let us help get you started on your most memorable vacation yet!