At A&M RV Center, we love our visitors from out of state—or even out of country! Alaska has so much to offer guests. There’s the best camping, exploring, shopping, wildlife, glaciers, day cruises, and so many amazing things to experience. If you’re planning a trip to Alaska, way to go! You’ll love it. You’ll get to see beautiful scenery (Alaska is home to 17 of the tallest 20 mountains in the U.S.), majestic animals, and have lots of adventures that you’ll remember for a lifetime. However, depending on where you’re coming from, Alaska might be a whole other world. This is why it’s good to know about a few things tbefore you go to Alaska. Wildlife Alaska is known for its wildlife. Visitors love getting to see bears, moose, otters, whales, and lots of other animals while they’re here. It’s common to see bears and moose just walking about. Be on high alert while driving, though—if you hit a large animal, your car will be completely wrecked.
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Earthquakes Lots of areas in Alaska are either on or near a fault line. This means that we do get some earthquakes—but they tend to be quite small and not dangerous. However, if you’re not used to them, be prepared to experience a little ground-shaking. Weather & Climate If you’re planning to visit during the summer, be aware that Alaska has very long days. Dusk is at around 11:00 p.m. during the summer solstice, so you might want to bring along a sleep mask! During the winter, it’s dark most of the day. Mobile Service Know that if you’ll be spending time outside of populated areas, you may not be able to get a cell phone signal. In Alaska, our cell towers are usually limited to cities, and if you’re in the wilderness camping, a signal for your phone may not be reliable. Gas Stations Similar to cell phone towers, gas stations aren’t common outside of populated city areas. Be sure to fill up your gas tank before going off on an adventure, and make sure to refill as soon as you can. Although these may seem like annoyances, trust us, they are minor, and you will love Alaska! It’s a fantastic place full of beauty and adventure. We hope you have a blast during your trip to America’s “Last Frontier”!
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