Since 1954, A&M RV Center has provided Anchorage, Alaska with quality motorhome rentals. The terms “motorhome” and “RV” are often misused. To the untrained eye, distinguishing between the two can be a very difficult task. So, we wanted to take the opportunity to guide you through the different classifications of RVs and motorhomes on the market. For any questions about our rentals and our current sales inventory, call (907) 279-5508. 

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An RV or recreational vehicle is the casual term used to describe vehicles that have some home amenities. Motorhomes, however, are made to be like an actual home. Most motorhomes are complete with a bed, kitchen, and bathroom.  

The U.S Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have drafted a strict set of rules and guidelines that categorize RV’s and motorhomes by class. The class is determined by size, weight, and purpose. Listed below are the different types of classes and how you can characterize your vehicle. 

Class A 

Class A motorhomes are the larger motorhomes and often hold luxury kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Most Class A motorhomes can comfortably fit anywhere between 6 and 8 people. 

Class B

These smaller units are ideal for 2-4 people. Considering that they are a bit smaller, they’re usually built to be a little taller to get some of the amenities of a Class A rental such as a shower and dinette areas. 

Class C

As a hybrid of the first classes, Class C is a midsize motorhome which can comfortably sleep 6 people. They are slightly over 20 feet long and are complete with working toilets, showers, and kitchen areas. Though some Class C vehicles are considered to be attached to a truck, they are built for comfortable living while traveling.

A&M RV Center carries top-notch rentals in a class that will work perfectly for you and your family. For the best RV rentals in Alaska, call (907) 279-5508, or request a luxury motorhome online!

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