At A&M RV Center, we see a lot of new faces every year, especially couples who are empty nesters or newlyweds looking for a thrill. No matter their age, we’ve found that most beginners have the same problem: overpacking. When you rent a motorhome or camper, space is limited and you should be conscious of what you’re bringing onboard. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide of what to pack for your first trip across the Alaskan wilderness in an RV.What to Pack for Your First RV Trip in Alaska

Kitchen Needs

It’s not uncommon for beginners to over estimate how much food they’ll need to stock in their RV or to bring too many bulky utensils. With a smaller kitchen, utilizing the space you have is essential. Do you really need that blender or bread maker? Probably not. It’s best to stick to the basics, like eating utensils and plates, a single set of pots and pans, knives and a cutting board, trash bags, dish soap, and dish cloths or sponges. Make a meal plan ahead of time and only buy or stock up on the foods that fit your plan. This way, you don’t take up space with canned goods you won’t end up eating on your trip. 

Bed & Bath

If you’re traveling as a couple, you’ll only need a single set of sheets. But if you’ve got kids or friends coming along in your motorhome, make sure you pack enough sheets and blankets for each bed or cot. Don’t forget your pillows, bathroom essentials and toiletries, and laundry detergent – in case you decide to visit a local town with a laundromat. Since you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors, don’t sweat packing your entire makeup kit or flat iron. You’ll likely not even use it on your trip!

Additional Camping Gear

Renting an RV and escaping into the unknown gives you a chance to get away from all the clutter and stuff in your every day life. When packing up additional camping gear, keep it light. Include things like flashlights, refillable water bottles, appropriate outdoor clothing, sunscreen, bug repellent, a deck of cards, fishing tackle and poles, and a lighter and flint for those late night bonfires. Since your motorhome supplies all of the shelter, you won’t need a tent and sleeping bags; so leave those bulky items at home.

Find Your RV Rental

Renting the right RV for your first trip across the Last Frontier is simple and easy when you choose a motorhome from the fleet at A&M RV Center. Our campers come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to feel right at home out under the stars. Whether you need a home for two or one that sleeps eight, we’ve got you covered. Start planning your first RV trip across Alaska today by calling us at (907) 279-5508, or fill out our online request form