Anchorage RV rentalWith daylight hours being few and darkness abounding here in Alaska, there is nothing we love more at this time of the year than to get cozy and daydream about summer travel adventures. Here are some travel planning tips from the experts at A&M RV Center in Anchorage to help you plan your next trip.

1. Choose a region.

You may not want to decide on an exact itinerary six to eight months out from your vacation, but we recommend you choose a general location you’d like to visit as a starting point. You might want to be as vague as deciding to tour Alaska in an RV rental, or you might be more precise in choosing to set up a home-base near Anchorage and head out on scenic day drives.

 2. Select dates.

Choosing travel dates might be based on your kids’ summer vacation, on your own vacation time from work, or you might want to work around special events that you just don’t want to miss. Some people try to be here during peak whale-viewing season, while others prefer to focus on the festival season.

3. Book your RV and campsites.

You don’t want to miss out on having the perfect motorhome to tour around our great state. Since many visitors also choose to rent RVs or drive out in their own motorhomes, booking your rental and campsites well ahead of time ensures that you have exactly what you need for the perfect vacation.

4. Do some research, and set an itinerary.

Once you get closer to your travel dates, you might be inclined to do more precise planning. There are many great websites that can suggest RV travel routes and day trips, so don’t forget to put them to good use. Don’t forget to leave some flexibility in your schedule so that you have time for spontaneous adventures. Let the experts at A&M RV Center in Anchorage, AK, help you plan your summer holidays. Contact us anytime to learn more about our motorhome rentals and RV sales. Call (907) 279-5508, or use our online booking system to reserve dates for the upcoming camping season. We look forward to seeing you, and in the meantime, stay warm and happy planning!